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Tuesday, 8 November 2005

Doggie Chewie

This is Chewie, our doggie girl. Yep, other than the family of cats, we have a playful dog too. Also adopted. Here is Chewie sitting looking at me from our room window. Cute eh?

She has that sweet smiling face that'll make you go "aww...". A happy face. In fact, she's always happy! Happy Doggie! :)

Hehehe... Chewie trying to get close to the window... but blocked by her house in between. We'll leave our window open whenever we're at work (in our home office), so that she can see us. She loves company, that way she'll know we're always around. and we can peek at her too to see what she's up too. :)

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  1. eeEEeeEEeeEEEeee!!! So CUTE! My favourite is the second photo of her front paws crossed. So stylo-mylo. :)


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