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Monday, 7 November 2005

My Samba Van

Many people just love the 60's and 70's... the hippies, the love & peace, the flower power and hublaa... i love it too. one thing that associated with the era is this cute little mini van... i love this volkswagen, especially with the beautiful artwork that comes with it, the rainbow colours of flowers and peace sign. Hardly seen on the road now but whenever i see one, it just makes my me smile...
i chance upon this cute replica of the van in the supermarket and couldn't help myself of getting not one but two of the "samba van", that's what it is called. :)
i'm gonna paint the van to make it more hippie look... it's just so tiny i just hope my hands won't shake so much when i paint. i'll post it up when i'm done.
Well, even though i won't be able to own one of the real thing, a tiny colourful van sitting on my desk will do just fine for now... :)

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  1. Hey, did you notice the top of your model? I think it's supposed to be a 'rag top'; kinda like an old-fashioned sunroof. Way cool! :)


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