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Friday, 11 November 2005

No Hazel

For pass three days, Hazel has not come home for meals. I do hope she has found a home somewhere with kind children and family. Often children will pass or cycle by the back of our house and stop to see our kitties. I'm not surprise if they have taken her away. Well, pray she'll be all right. She's a sickly kitten and suppose to be still on medication for her flu. I think she's suffering from asthma coz there's a whizzing sound when she breathes.

We're left with Genie, Kiki, Pikaciu and Rusty. Occasionally Papa Cat will drop by, haven't seen Mama Cat for a long time now. This picture was taken before she went missing. Sleeping with a smelly sock from next door neighbour :P

If you wanna see the rest of the cat generation got to halcyon9

That's Gene's blog with interesting pics and readings. :)
Yeah... we're both catching up on the blog world, seems like most people have 'em. Well at least i'm not that "ulu" lah.

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  1. I miss Hazel. Cheeky little monster. But still a darling to us. *sigh*


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