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Wednesday, 14 December 2005

Christmas Tree is up

i'm feeling a lot better now except for the itchy throat and coughing. and yes, the christmas tree is up. yeah! with prezzies under it. too bad i was not really in the mood to decorate coz was not feeling too well...sigh... and i was really looking forward to it. hehe! granpa and priya did most of the decoration.

but it was really nice to see it all nicely decorated. the angel has been with the family for more than 20 years!! (and gosh... she really needs a new hairdo! haha!)

came home today with my present on the dining table! ooohh! so exciting! gene got me a present already! i love surprises. ayooo! i still have not done my christmas shopping. me... and my procastinating habit! and the "what to buy? what to buy?" dilemma. :P

well, i still have a week and a half. :D

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