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Sunday, 4 December 2005

Evening with Kiki

we had a beautiful sunset the other day, gene and i quickly took our camera to catch a few shots. gene was doing all the shooting, while i just stood there admiring the magnificent view. a really nice change from the normal gloomy rainy season evening sky.

and not far off, we saw our three dear cats kiki, genie and pikaciu... all busy hiding under some bushes looking on birds that were flying and feeding on bugs that were coming out from the ground. it's like something from what national geographic would catch on film, but too bad our camera could not get a good shot on them. but we did catch kiki spying on those birds. :)

kiki looking intensely on the birds... knowing very well they were to clever and too high up for her. she enjoyed the "show" anyway. probably coming home happy and to dream on them later on. :)

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