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Monday, 19 December 2005

Our Cats

here's more of our cats at home. we just couldn't get enough of taking pictures of the cats. the only nice subjects around the house to shoot. :) besides, they are so used to us taking of thier pictures now that they readily post for us to shoot. especially genie. he just sits still for a long while while we click away. cool cat!

we have kiki lepaking in neighbour's house.

genie meowing around. hehe... so geram with his blue and yellow eyes.

and... pikaciu, a little shy of the camera.

sigh.... they've grown so big so fast. i think by now we've taken hundreds of pictures of them. so... err... i'll probably post many more of thier pics in the blog. hehe... :P

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  1. Oh those lovely little creatures! They are such a joy. Fun to watch, and nice to cuddle.

    *sigh* :D


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