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Friday, 27 January 2006

eve of cny eve

it's eve of chinese new year eve, got up early as the cats in the house were making noises, had to get up and let them out. it was still dark outside, a bit chilly. i just sat in the backyard staring into nothing... one of those blur and moody days. had disturbing sleep, i couldn't recall my dreams but i sense it was unplesant.

forced my body to move about and started to do my house chores, cny is coming and have lots more to clean and prepare. feeling every inch of my body, tired.

do i go out to work today? i want to, i know i have to, but my body just refuse to wanna go. called my sister and just chat for a while. played with my cat genie.

you know how it feels when you have one of those days that you just wish to be far far away high up in the mountain or tropical sandy beaches somewhere remote and just leave everything behind.

sigh.... i need a vacation! haha!... which is NOT in the calender this year for sure. :)
oh well... i gotta look at the bright side... sun is up now, gonna be a happy happy day... eve of cny eve. :)

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