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Sunday, 1 January 2006

holiday pics

year end and new year holiday was happy outdoor picture taking session for us. gene with his our 350D, me with his our A20, hehe... together we roam the streets, the parks and the beach! like the hero and his sidekick... muahaha... *eerr... sorry... off a 'lil.

anyway, the trips were great fun. these are some of my favourite pics taken with our trusty old digital camera.

we went to sepang for a bbq at john's house. the beach was very near... bagan lalang. sand is white, soft and warm. really nice. been so long since we last went to a beach. thanks john for the invitation! enjoyed the bbq.

spent 2 and half hours waiting for the sunset... too bad not our lucky day. not too good for picture taking view, this was what we got instead. but i like... purple sky... kinda romantic and soft. cool!

went to the park this afternoon, surprise surprise lotsa things to see and shoot. this was taken outside a seafood restaurant.

woo... look at that... gene is all out taking a good picture... national geographic cameraman in action! hehe... it's so nice to see him in such seriousness yet so happy in doing what he loves best... taking pictures!

flower on the bench... lovely.

i love this... tree stump. nice pattern.

not bad for A20... not bad at all.


  1. The A20 can take such nice photos.

    Btw, the 350D is not mine, and neither is the A20 ... they're both OURS. :)



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