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Tuesday, 17 January 2006

in tampin

did my kunci kira kira, i was wrong... i actually spend more on chinese new year ang pow than christmas gifts, haha! yeah.... it's a more wider circle than just family and friends. i forgot to include my clients as well. i just bought cny gifts (cny cookies) for my clients. :)

so you can imagine how my finance is like during december till february! hehe. well, can't complain, still have many things to be grateful for. it's great to be malaysians, we celebrate many happy occasions, country is safe, everyone is friendly. it's a blessing.

i'm writing this blog in tampin. it's 2:00am, everyone's asleep. i'm still wide awake. doing a lil thinking... it's the stillness of the night that one can hear one's own inner voice so loudly.

what is my next course of direction in life?

challenges greet everyone, i'm not spared either. my actions determine my future. i am in a crossroad again. do i follow what my heart desires or do i listen to my head?

i pray all will be alright, i pray that angels and devas will guide me to the right direction.
what do i truly desire?
i just want to be happy. :)

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