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Sunday, 26 March 2006

weee kend treasure

gene and i had a great camera clicking time, read them here. it's great to be outdoors with nature, i love the trees, being in the park was good for me, i needed it. and hey... check out the dino clouds that gene captured! cute!

last friday i had an opportunity to join a friend for a meditation session. now this meditation is not like the "sit down and do the breathing thing." it's more of a guided relaxation meditation. the guide gave a short talk on 3 important things we should focus on, which was:
1. let go/forgive - imperfection
2. remember - perfection
3. move on

we are all perfect beings, yes we have our shortcomings, temper, jelousy, greed etc., but that's ok. what we need to do is to let go all our imperfections. i will let go my all of my imperfections... fear, sadness, worriness, blurness, all my imperfections that i know and not know. i forgive myself for all my imperfections, i forgive others for their imperfections. what we need to do is focus more on our perfections rather than our imperfections. what goodness are in me? hmm... i would like to think i am a caring, loving, kind, beautiful being. and i move on, move on leaving behind all the imperfections. move on to be better, a better being, a better living.

as the meditation goes on (with soft backgroud music), the guide kept repeating the three things till they sink in. that we did for about 5-10 minuites.

it was an interesting and wonderful experience. it kind of re-assure myself that i am truly perfect as i am. and that was the treasure i found... me.

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  1. Forgiveness is a POWERFUL thing, isn't it my can change our lives!


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