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Sunday, 9 April 2006

i'm tired

sooo tired. whole day of house chores... my back is aching... *sob*
but happy... cause i finally got to do gardening, weather has been good to me today, no rain in the evening. pass few days we had thunder storm!

i'm so proud of my plants, although we don't have big land for big plants, potted ones are just as good. i love green leafy plants. here are some of my greeny work.

front porch.

more plants at the entrance to our front door (door is on the right, can't see though). and two little rock bunnies i did few years back.

path leading to chewie's house.

little pebble bugs i did for decorations.

hanging plant.

one of my favourite, given by gene's aunt from Banting.

okay... gotta finish up my chores (duh! as if ever!), take a long shower and rest.


  1. Boy oh Boy you have some beautiful plants. You are a good watering Mama!

    I joke that I kill plants, but at least I don't kill my kids!!!

    No...I do have some pretty beautiful Jade plants inherited from husband's mother!!


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