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Sunday, 2 April 2006

me happy day

pass week has been disjointed, weary, empty, yet in a net of calmness that caught me quite surprisingly, steady does it. i'm waiting, hoping, praying that all will be alright. all will be good.

had a good day today, did two of my feel good activities - swimming and drawing. have not dip in pool for ages and i was like wee wooo yee haa yee... the joy is over the hill when i jumped into the water. aahhh... felt good. good for my back, good for my shoulder. swam a few laps and whoa! my heartbeat went so fast i thought the heart was gonna bail out on me. so i just float around, closed my eyes ... and feel total weightlessness (well not totally). curled myself and just pretend i was a coconut lost in sea. i've always loved to to that. i did so many crazy stunts in water and just couldn't care less what others think. i just wanna feel free.
came out smiling and heart dancing, sang top of my lungs to the song 'love shack' on the way home, head bopping to the beat. could imagine all the little rainbows, candy sticks, sunny sun and tiny heart heart swirling around my head.

came home suddenly attacked by art fever, i just had to draw, visions just came and my hand just move spiritually on the white paper. it felt good, fulfilled. i love to draw, to paint... but never did pursue my passion. i will have to start again, at least as a hobby, a spiritual hobby.

a good day. another new beginning.


  1. HEy look at you, the last person's blog I was at they had changed their template too, this is getting weird.

    No wait, maybe you just changed the title.

  2. You don't have to say but what are you waiting for that all will be right? Hope you are OK, you are such a nice person.

    Love to see some of your artwork sometime!!

  3. cameradawktor: i am running 2 blogs. metta garden and mettaville. both have the word 'metta', i love that word *heart*. hope you're not getting confused. mettaville is my personal blog which has now gone public. :)
    metta garden have more general post. :)


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