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Thursday, 13 April 2006


went out and had a great time chatting with anna, and bubbly maya! she has MORE hair now! wow! and 4 tiny cutesie teeth! and her smile... ohhh... pengsan! shhoooo cute.

feels good to have a girlfriend to talk to. talking to a like minded person feels more comfortable. from buddhism to husbands and angels. even though i fail to admit, but i needed that. needed the companionship of another mitra (spiritual friend). the connection of another to share and release inner secrets that sometimes you just can't do with husband or sisters. the girly stuff. :)
how i wish we could do it more often. (and get to cuddle maya again :D)

another happy day.

my mitra
your presence was delightful
your words comforting
your love felt soft and warm
and i thank you


  1. I really miss having that in my life. Going through a mitra dry-spell right now!

  2. yah. we don't really have much opportunity for heart to heart talk. its funny how we keep in touch but spiritually we drift our own way, do our own stuff. by right we should be holding each others hands as we figure out the mysteries of life, share experiences and lessons. thats what friends are for. al, i guess we could do this on some wednesdays when sophia goes to piano class. its so weird how things just worked out when you called. i think angels played a part!!! hahaha. yes, it was a lovely date indeed. there was definitely spiritual chemistry!

  3. cd: thank god for internet! now you can make more on-line. :)

    anna: yes, we'll have to meet again before you fly back to toronto. yep, thanks to our angels! :D


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