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Thursday, 6 April 2006

photo contest #2 - spouse

Camera dawktor's photo contest #2 - photo of spouse

yep, that's my super fantastic husband, gene. i took a close up shot... i just luuuurrvv those eyes! first time we met, yes it was his eyes that got me OOoOo... so smitten (he was wearing contact lenses then).
big dark brown eyes with long lashes, perfect lean but think brows.
one "lovey dovey honey i love you" look makes me melt, my heart pops out and a wave of chills run through me, giggly girly excitement of a teenager's first love.
one angry stare will send me digging a hole in the ground for cover!
not forgeting the sometimes all so comical squid eyes tounge out that makes me go laughing like crazy.
those are powerful eyes... yes sir... lovingly powerful eyes... and i so love them! :P

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  1. Hey you did it, and you are the first one. Yeah!!!

    Very cool photo too. Hi Levin!!


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