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Wednesday, 17 May 2006

self potrait challenge #3

pic by levin
me with mother nature again.
i love i love i love...
the green green trees, the cool fresh clean air, the sound of birds and insects, the excitement of sightings of creepy crawlies and shy animals, the waterfall, the crystal clear and cold water, the stillness and calmness of the rainforest.

i've worked with WWF Malaysia for a year back in 2001. i loved the field trips. especially going to Fraser's Hill, at least once a month for a strecth of 2-3 days. tracking in the forest, wading through brooks and streams, bird watching and so much more, even getting wet in the highland rain feels so refreshing and alive!

been posting me and nature mostly in self potrait challenge - introduce myself. yup... that's me.

i miss dear mother nature... i miss the highland, the forest, the waterfall, the sea.
i'll visit you soon... i promise.


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