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Sunday, 13 August 2006

i am a woman

photo by alison. canon digital 350D

currently reading an old book, "a woman's worth" by marianne williamson. some excerpts i find inspiring.
"what?" you say, "me, enchanted?" yes, i say, and don't act so surprised. you knew when you were little that you were born for something special and no matter what happened to you, that couldn't be erased. the magic could not be drained from your heart any more than lady macbeth could wash the guilt from her hands. sorry to tell you, but you had it right years ago, and then you forgot. you were born with a mystical purpose.

i found god in myself
and i loved her
i loved her fiercely.
~ ntozake shange ~

that we are, each one of us, a portion of great and mighty goddess self.

joy is our goal, our destiny. we cannot know who we are except in joy. not knowing joy, we do not know ourselves. when we are centred in joy, we attain our wisdom.

the queen is eternal; she cannot die. she can be tortured, but she cannot die.

the older we get, the more we shed meaningless things and negative preoccupations. we become not harder with age but softer, not more bitter but more gentle. as we do, we recognize that we are doing in fact what we came to earth to do. we are becoming the woman we have wanted to be.

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