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Wednesday, 27 September 2006

Goddess Lakshmi

goddess lakshmi

i was meditating this morning when a vision of goddess lakshmi appeared, and heard the name 'lakshmi' being uttered. 'that's odd'... thinking mind wonders, where on earth (or maybe not!:P) did that come from? after coming out of meditation, my first thought was that i will go to a hindu temple today and pray to this goddess.

i went to see my friend/teacher lina and ask her what is the significant of goddess lakshmi? i have no knowledge of hindu gods and goddesses, and it's strange that she appeared in my meditation.

lo...this is what i found out - Goddess Lakshmi means good luck to hindus. the word "lakshmi" derived from the sanskrit word laksya, meaning "aim" or "goal", and she is the goddess of wealth and prosperity, both material and spiritual.

from where i stand in life right now, that makes perfect sense why she appeared in my meditation. wow! what a blessing!

in the evening i went to a hindu temple and lo... another surprise! they were celebrating Navaratri - festival of nine nights! and today is the first day of prayer to goddess lakshmi! my god/goddess!! this is no coinsidence! i did my offerings of flowers and fruits and received blessings from the priest in front of goddess lakshmi.

i will have to come back again for the next two days for the full paryers to her. much love, much gratitute. i thank goddess lakshmi for this blessings.

a little about Navaratri festival:
Navaratri is a joyous festival which is celebrated every year by Hindus, during early fall season (occurs during late September and early October). The Goddess in the form of the Universal Mother is worshiped for nine nights and hence the name *nava-ratri.' On the tenth day, the festival comes to an end with a special puja called Vijaya Dasami. During the ten days of the Dasara festival (ten days and nine nights), it is common for Hindus to read and recite slokas on the greatness of Mother Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Mother Durga symbolizes the power of purposeful action (Kriya Sakti). Lakshmi represents the will power (Itchaa Sakti) and Saraswati stands for the power of knowledge (Jnana Sakti).


  1. Just wondering, r u paying homage to Lakshmi or seeking some kinda financial rewards from her?

    PS. Thanks for your kind words in my blog.

  2. cw: i do not pay homage nor seek financial rewards. when blessing is bestowed upon me, i receive graciously with love and gratitude. i will ask for clarity and guidance in all that i do, be in material or spiritual gain. :)

  3. Hey Alison what a great story, what a positive vibe!
    I started meditation classes as I want to learn more beyond it...
    I once had a beautiful experience too.
    I wrote it in my blog a long time ago, here is the link just scroll it up, it’s called believe in flying spirits? :

  4. angela: reading your story gave me googoo bumps! so beautiful! yeah, i too believe that there is something out there looking after us. :)
    anymore butterfly after that?

  5. maybe i am just the freakish kind but if i had an experience like that, i would REALLY freak out, you know! I know goddess probably means no harm but i m the kinda person who freaks out at the sight of ants eating up dead, maybe it's just me hor??


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