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Saturday, 2 September 2006

weird meme

the weird me, photo by levin, canon digital 350d

My first time being tag for a meme by cameradawtor. I don’t think I have 5 blogger friends to tag, but i’ll play and hope that’s ok.

5 weird things about me:

#1. i can write with both my left and right hand. when i was a kid, i used to practice and practice to write with my left hand (i'm right handed), the reason was i had this thought that if anything were to happen to my right hand, well, i can still do my homework with my left! :P

#2. i think i'm an alien. yeah... right...haha! well i have this deep yearning to go home... back to the star planet.

#3. i am to a certain degree OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder)! i can't stand that my feet are dirty at home, i'd wash them again and again so that i "feel" they are "clean". i'd have to wash them at night before i go to bed too!

#4. i am a cat magnet, where ever i ended up staying, stray cats will come. (hmm... maybe i'm a witch? *evilgrin*) :-)

#5. i'm allergic to meat, especially pork! makes me tired/extreme fatigue, all i wanna do is to sleep if i accidentally ate any, even if it's the size of an m&m!!

so, there ya go! the secrets out!


  1. Cool Alison, can you take me to this planet of yours? Bet the veggie food there is real delicious. ;)

  2. i'm glad you played

    hope it didn't take you too many years to figure out that you can't eat meat. that would be a hard one to figure out!

  3. You may see these as your wierd traits. Someone else may find these wonderful and endearing! Best, rama


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