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Tuesday, 10 October 2006

facts about me

overdue meme, tagged by brihans.
cough and cold.
blaming the haze.
lucky today is a public holiday.
resting @ home.

8 random facts about me. previous wierd meme's here.
1. i love nature, animals, sand, sea, trees, highlands...
2. my second job was in WWF, quit a year later. pay was too low for me to survive in the city.
3. i am shy, when in parties or gatherings, i don't usually initiate conversation.
4. i pray. i meditate.
5. i am vegetarian, on health reason, not religion.
6. i hardly ever wear dresses or skirts. i'm mostly in pants or jeans.
7. i am a lil' emotional. still trying to balance myself. lucky i have loving and understanding husband.
8. my dream is to go on a holiday with my husband to new zealand, and of course other parts of the world too.

me, perfectly imperfect, working hard to be better everyday.


  1. Yay, love the photo.
    Now I know you even better, thanks for doing it.

  2. what a great meme.

    i have been to new zealand, but then you probably knew that from seeing the pictures on my blog.

    i hope you can go someday, it is so amazingly beautiful. i would like to go back myself......


Thank you for your comment.