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Thursday, 5 October 2006

free hugs

free hug, photo by levin, canon digital a20
i love this, got me teary too. shared by lovely superhero!


  1. Yes, how sweet, it was on our news the other night too! I hope only now that baddies don't make misuse of this bit of good innocent fun.
    Hey, is that you in the photo??
    BTW: YOu've been tagged!!

  2. hannelie: yep, that's me. i'll have to do my list when i have more time. :)

  3. it was a great video. i thought it was really cool. :)
    btw, your tree-hugging pic was shot with the A20, not the 350D. ;)

  4. Wow Alison, heartwarming video. Nice pic too. Wonder what would happen if we run this kinda campaign here? I think I'll settle for the tree instead... ;)

  5. levin: oops! good ol' a20! takes perfect pic!

    cw: it's spreading around the world now, go check in u tube! and it's great! just to show there's still hope, there's still love in this world. we can make that change. all it take is 'one man'. :)

  6. Anna:
    Love the tree hugging pic. Lucky tree.


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