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Saturday, 2 December 2006


my aunt irene and uncle bill came from england to celebrate auntie's 62nd birthday and uncle's retirement. relatives from singapore and kuala lumpur drove to melaka for the small party held for them.

at 62, she’s already a great grandmother! the more I look at her the more I see the resemblance of her to my late grandmother.

uncle bill, more reserved now, not as chatty as he used to be.

singing the birthday song...

that's my uncle ong. he is very "ong" (meaning lucky in hokkein) alright, he's the proud grandfather to twin girls!

on the right is uncle what... no… not “what?” what. "what" IS his name, well, that’s what we call him. he’s the real man of steel. after all these years and after all that he has gone through in life, he has a mountain of courage and strength and love as big as the world. an inspiration to me sometimes, to take on life’s challenges with grace. left is cousin steven.

gene takes great pics of people and expressions. just love it!

i tried mapping our family tree… at least whatever that I can gather from dad. my goodness! what a revelation. dad has 13 siblings and mom has 10, which mean I have a total of 23 aunts and uncles from both side. and from there I have 41 cousins from dad’s family and 34 from mom’s family; I have a total of 75 cousins!!!!!! that’s only first cousin! not counted second cousins and great grand aunts and uncles. have not even started with gene's family. i gave up trying to continue the tree…. it’s a reaaaaaally big tree!

do you have a complete family tree mapped out?

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  1. Your photos just reminded me how is true, Malasyans are wonderful wonderful wonderful warm people! My favourite culture...I hope one day I can go to Malaysia for a holiday and visit my dear friends I have there who I miss so much!


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