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Tuesday, 9 January 2007

my cookie cat

kiki, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

she is such a lucky cat! here on top of chewie's house bumming around. we call her by many names: kiki, cookie, shayang, baby, darling, honey, princess, girl-girl, ah meow... and combination of those mentioned, eg: kiki darling, kiki meow ect.

she no longer dines on her normal plastic bowl, now only feast on ceramic plate we human use!

she brings smiles to our lives that cat, love love her we do :) .


  1. wah kiki so white & pristine. Some more so canggih only eats from ceramic plate? wah she super high class la.

  2. jl: ya... she very the high class wan, that's why we call her princess, very cerewet! she was born street cat, we adopted her, her brother genie(1 blue eye i yellow eye) hilang last chinese new year, suspected catnapped. so sad.

  3. I know exactly what kinda of love is... and she is a beauty!


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