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Thursday, 1 March 2007

a 'lil bit of magic

candles, photo by levin, canon digital 350d

do you believe in magic? i do, i whole heartedly do!

well, guess what? this sunday march 4 is full moon! chap goh meh, last day of chinese new year, and psssttt…. there’ll be magic happening if you just open your heart to a ‘lil bit of fun!

here’s something i’m gonna share with you, and if you decide to be a kid again… laugh and play along.

march is for magic! :D

this month the energy is high!

this is taken from an interesting site which i took only the fun part:

Our intentional meditation this month will be particularly powerful, since it coincides with two eclipses. On Saturday, March 3, start by placing blank sheets (as many as you will have intentions for) out at 3:17 P.M. to bask in the full moon. After that exact moment has passed, put them away in a folder. Take them out again on the following new moon on Sunday, March 18, write on each full-moon-charged sheet a clear, concise, positive intention. Make sure your sheets are out by 7:43 P.M. After that exact moment, staple them together, write down the date, put them away and . . . look forward to a miracle!

Note: All references to time are given in Pacific Standard Time (PST).
Means add eight hours from our time here in Malaysia. (GMT+8:00)

or you can use your own magical way to create that miracle! either way... key is just to have some fun on a full moon and new moon day!

try it let me know if it works for you! :)

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