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Friday, 23 February 2007

more of chinese new year

gene and i went to the famous fo guang shan monastery in jenjarum last night, it was a last minute plan and we missed the evening sky. but wow! wow! it was beautiful! lanterns and lights all over! it was absolutely beautiful! oh! did i say that already? hehe! here are some photos i've taken.

pagoda, there's an elevator that can take visitors up to the top to get a view of the monastery.

main building all lighted up with red lanterns

statue of a monk, there's lots of statues like this with different hand postures around the monastery

of course the main highlight is piggy! :D

buddha statues in the shrine hall

lanterns, lanterns everywhere

it was bright, colourful, full of yang energy. lots and lots of people! the monastery is only open on certain occasions for visitors. fantastic place!
and oh, you can catch more of chinese new year photos gene captured here, just stunning!! ... i love the new year boy! i loveeeeeee chinese new year!

on another note...
felix's progress:
oh... he is doing just fine! :) feed him scalded milk 3 times a day. and the rest of the time he'll be tucked under the blankie sleeping... happily growing up! gene brought back from his dad's place an old hamster cage used to to house our mic mic the hamster (died years ago). so... felix's got a new house! yay! :D


  1. wow... nice... feel like going there as well :)

    Felix got a house eh... how about a playmate? :)

  2. jl: playmate? err... no lah, maybe, hopefully, he'll be able to make it to about 6-7 months old, i'll release him in FRIM and he'll have lotsa playmates in the wild. :)


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