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Wednesday, 7 February 2007


edited: more photos in levin's site

thaipusam, photo by alison, canon digital a20

went to batu caves on 1 february to witness the thaipusam celebration. it was AWESOME! unfortunately, i didn't manage to get any good shots as there were too many people and it was hard move about, besides i didn't want to be separated with gene by the sea of people.

it was just amazing! you've got to be there to feel the intensity of the whole procession.


  1. My hubby got some of these type of photo's too from his visit to Malaysia many years ago, is it all mind power, it looks so sore to me?

  2. erm... i don't think it's mind power, they were in a trance, spirit got into their body. they did a whole ceremonial prayer before that and the character totally change! we went there at about 6am to see the whole thing. they don't seem to feel anything, there was one who sat on chair with nails!

  3. One day I will go to Malaysia... it seems such a rich lovely culture and people, colourful place! Fascinating!

  4. angela: Oh yes, you'll love it here, we have shopping malls open up till midnite on certain occasions! you can literally shop till you drop! :)

    and food... yummylicious food... also easily found every corner of town 24 hours/7 days!


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