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Tuesday, 20 February 2007

third day

heavy rain, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

today is the third day of chinese new year, it's raining and it's rainning really hard. my folks have gone back to melaka. yeah, this year we celebrate chinese new year in kl for a change. sis moved in to her new condominium last year and decided to have a little house party this new year. mom cooked, friends and relatives came, we ate and chat and ate some more and had a really good time. think i've gained 2kg in 2 days! boy oh boy! and there're still cookies in the kitchen!

a blessing, a time to be thankful
a wonderful family
a bubbly cheerful mom
fantastic in laws
glorious yummy food
patient husband
good friends
new clothes
ang pows (still receiving! amazing!)
old stories
and so so much more


  1. Happy chineses New year to you all!!
    Your pictures are great and the feet one so cute.

  2. nyonyapenang: thank u, gong xi gong xi, wishing you great year ahead!

    hann: thanks. :)
    my old canon a20 is having problems now, can't zoom. but that's not gonna stop me from taking pics. :)


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