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Wednesday, 21 February 2007

will be loved by us

felix, photo by levin, canon digital 350d

found a baby shrew (might be a squirrel, not sure) out in our front gate last night, so tiny, eyes still shut. lucky i got it before any of our pets did. where on earth did it come from? maybe fallen from the nest? *shrug* my first instinct was to wrap it around a blankie and put it close to my heart where it can hear and feel the beating heart and knows it is close to life.

googled and found clarissa summer’s webpage, all one needs to know about caring for baby squirrel, right from pinky ones, this is just great! gotta love the internet!

been following her advice, and so far so good. he (ya… it’s a boy) is so so tiny. i pray that he’ll be strong and brave through this.

gene named him felix. a new member in the family. felix will be loved and cared for in this home. help us pray that he'll be strong and brave and grow to be a healthy litle shrew (or squirrel).

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