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Wednesday, 28 March 2007

be with...

my bestest pals, gene and kiki, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

today’s affirmation:

i am healthy in all aspects of my being


when feeling down, never be alone for too long. find a friend, be out in the open field, hug a tree (one of my fav), big, healthy trees have healing energies. have a mcD sundae, i wouldn’t recommend shopping, it’s stale air with mixed confused energy in the mall, it might just do you the opposite by draining your energy away. besides, burns a hole in the wallet if not careful.

i am lucky to have friends who are always ready to share some of their time, just a simple lunch or a good nonsense chat just to break the negative thought patterns. gobs of laughter helps a lot!

and i am also grateful to have those that don’t talk so much, who's presence are just as comforting and reassuring, that i am loved and i am going to be ok. with warm hugs (sometimes group hugs with gene, kiki and i), small surprises of cookies and ice cream, means so much to me.

all is good. happy goodlyness! :P


  1. Just what I need - positive affirmations that life is beautiful.


  2. jemina: life is beautiful even when it sucks!(sometimes) ya? because we learn so much from it!


  3. Life ain't always beautiful but

    It's a beautiful ride :)

    Have a nice day ^_^

  4. jl: yup, couldn't agree with you more! beautiful indeed!


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