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Monday, 12 March 2007

heart wide open


everything happens for a reason and when conditions are right, we'll get what we are looking for, questions being answered at the right time. all we need to do is to open our hearts to receive them.

i first saw this book sometime last year, it caught my attention, felt a connection, flipped through it but never purchased it, i didn't know why. after reading it this weekend, i understand... i was not yet ready to digest the contents back then, not yet ready to absorb the essence.

yesterday i saw the book again, and this time did not hesitate to grab and buy it. got home and devoured the book like a hungry wolf... everything felt so right, as i read page to page, it touched the very soul in me, it gave me chills, and tears. the question i have been asking, events in my life that i have been experiencing, i felt a connection... deep... way deep inside of me.

"If you do not listen to the womanness within yourself you are going to perish. perhaps you will have the marriage basket, perhaps not. but it is your choice. you will have to make the decision. no one can make it for you, not even the grandparents."
~ agnes whistling elk

"those are dead babies that haven't been born yet, they're inside of you, always crying. they have been crying for a thousand years, where the wheels of darkness spin forever."
~ ruby plenty chief.

when i lack in finding a teacher, i found them in books (or the internet). i am always open to receive wisdom imparted by the wise.

the teachings of the universe have been taught over and over again for thousands of years, it is up to us to look for it. and when we are ready it will be presented in the most magical way.

all we need to do is open our hearts...

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