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Friday, 2 March 2007

i am being loved too

was feeling pretty upset today on a not so good news that i got in the morning... another bumpy road ahead? i don't know... came back to this video... a message was sent to me in the most likely medium that i'll connect and love... animation! and with the review by a viewer that was meant to heal my heart too...

"Love will find a way and God will be there to help conquer any obstacle. Even when all seems lost and you re being thrown over the hill , God will step in right on time and let us know, that His love is supreme and takes care of us all so that He get the Glory! Great Video and great message. It enlightened and comforted me this morning to know that we are winners!"

if you can't see the video, try clicking this link


  1. Thanks for sharing the video.

    You are being loved.. always.

  2. jemina: yes, we all are, we just forget sometimes *wink*


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