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Wednesday, 11 April 2007

lessons for empty head

easter 2007, photo by alison, canon digital 350d

today's affirmation:
i respect my ability and always work to my full potential

head empty again. hmm....
so borrowing some from a book to share.

"ponder the lesson of life. we come here to go back where we came from. but our mind tells us that we need props to survive. we believe the king we have enthroned. we obey him and choose intoxicating props such as fear of success or fear of failure or fear of death. or we don't think we're good enough. ...... you had to be pushed beyond your king's limit to see that your self-concept was an illusion. that's the addiction you had, and it kept you from walking down toward your own mystery, your enlightenment."

"when the spirit of la caldera offered you a treasure, you could not avail yourself of it."
"why couldn't i? zoila?"
"because you didn't feel worthy of such riches. and what happened next? you slipped and hurt your back. do you know why?"
"because you're afraid to take your power. it's something worth seeing. you backed away from power, your own power. it sounds so simple. you lost your faith in your own capacity. this constriction of energy manifested itself as a stabbing pain in your back."

zoila & lynn, in the book jaguar woman by lynn andrews


  1. nyonyapenang: welcome & thanks for clicking by :)

  2. I like the affirmation. We need remind ourselves.. time & time again.

  3. jemina: uh huh. simple affirmations do help us along the way sometimes, giving us the nudge we need to wake up and shape up. :)


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