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Sunday, 29 April 2007

stillness speaks - 2

frim, photo by levin, canon a20

when walking or resting in nature, honour that realm by being there fully. be still. look. listen. see how every animal every plant is completely itself. unlike humans, they have not spilt themselves into two. they do not live through mental images of themselves, so they do not need to be concern with trying to protect and enhance those images. the deer is itself, the daffodil is itself.

all things in nature are not only one with themselves but also one with the totality. they haven't removed themselves from the fabric of the whole by claiming a separate existence: "me" and the rest of the universe.

the contemplation of nature can free you from that "me," the great troublemaker.

~ eckhart tolle


  1. Is that tree for real?? Amazing!
    Hey, I gave you an award, come over and see.

  2. hann: yep, that vine is real, something tarzan would love hanging on to! :)

    thanks for the award! me? award? yeah... hard to digest, but feels great and honored. thanks again.

  3. i've been there... Nice place...

    and i like the article too :)

  4. jl: yes, nice. frim is a place for a short getaway trips for me. :)

    glad you like the article, more to come :)


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