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Sunday, 22 April 2007

sunday high

me, sunday morning, photo by alison, canon a20

today's affirmation:
I am responsible for my own spiritual growth

up early today, met two dear sweet friends of mine, may and kylie at brickfields for tosai and teh tarik! was a wonderful morning breakfast, sharing and laughing, wide eyes and dropped jaws with our shared musings. it's good to break our late snoozing habit on sunday for this, great for the heart, i say. lotsa love, joy floating and splashes of dizziness around our tiny slanted corner table. i don't think we even tasted our food! we were drown into listening each others stories!

like kylie said, good to be with kalyana mitra (spiritual friends). it's amazingly therapeutic! i guess all three of us wanted, needed this. so much that we never knew how important this would be for us, for our spirit, to speak our truth, to share our secrets and totally bear our souls... it is uplifting and healing for us all to be in this circle of mitra, spiritual sisterhood. to bathed in the light of joy and love of feminine energy.

we enjoyed ourselves so much we couldn't get ourselves to leave, much have been shared, yet much more is kept within us for our next get together, making the waking up on early sunday morning more to look forward to.

ohh... still feeling the high of joyousness right now and i can't wait for our next girly get together!


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