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Saturday, 26 May 2007


gonna be busy with two cousins getting married, saturday and sunday, one in kuala lumpur and the other in melaka! and i'm gonna be focusing on my secret project for a while. going to be busy busy busy! and having fun fun fun! loads of fun! and of course at the same time rest, relax and chill!?? ;) when time is right, maybe my secret project will be revealed. now is still just the beginning stage. wish me luck!

i leave you with a quote from oprah:

"it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from. the ability to triumph begins with you. always."


  1. secret project?!...giggle giggle here..ooohhh...exciting!!! come back soon and tell!..have fun in the meantime :>

  2. jemima: thanks! *hugshugs*

    lady luxie: my head is spinning! yes, it is exciting, top secret project! *giggle*

    when time is right, and if it works out as planed, yeah... i'll write about it! :)

  3. GOOD LUCK !! have fun and see you soon.

  4. Oooh sounds elusive! Do tell do tell ;) Have fun and enjoy ;)

  5. how's everything huh?..Hope ur' havin' fun!

  6. pricess banter: yes!yes! shhh... :) thanks!

    lady luxie: having 'unbelievable' time! hahaha! so it can be either way.


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