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Wednesday, 9 May 2007

fabulous flats

my new shoes, photo by alison, canon digital a20

today’s affirmation:
i am free to be myself

like my new pair of flats?

during one of our gathering with some of gene’s friends, one disgruntled guy shot the question “what is it with women and shoes? i mean, i don’t get it, even in weddings, the photographers will always have a few shots of the bride's wedding shoes!”

honestly speaking, i don’t know what’s up with women and shoes, but they sure drive the economy! the world is running strong when women have this special bond with shoes! that sensational chemistry! the uuuhs... and aahhhs... and provide men with good jobs in prada, chanel, feragamo, vinci, nose, fendi, hush puppies, alain delon, primavera, ysl, scholl, bonia, carlo rino, sembonia, jimmy cho, ect, ect ect!!! and pay their bills… so why complain? hehe!

i have finally settled with flats again, for the love of my spine! from 3” to 1” to flat! oh, sure people have their opinions, “it’s not professional, not suitable to meet your clients with that” bla bla bla and they shake their heads.

well, ermm… in the end i think i love my spine more than i love my clients. my clients don’t have back aches, i do, when i take care of my back and feel good, i can take care of my clients better, eh?


  1. They're pretty. :)
    I wear a lot of flats, too... 'cos I'm already 5'7. :p

  2. jemima: wow! wokay, i'm on the petite site! :P

  3. nice... apa brand.. 9 west/Lewre ermm... Bata? :)

  4. marsha: thanks! :)

    jl: brand ah? larrie, jusco sale mah! murah punya da... :P

  5. I too couldn't answer that question when my husband asked me. I don't know, just has to have it.

    That's right, love your spine, wear flats!! Very cute pair of flats you have there! :)

    p/s: Hello! First time commenting here. :)

  6. cc: hi! welcome to my humble blog! foolproof excuse would be "it's our hormones!"

    thanks. yep, i lurv my spine... and my shoe! :)

  7. nyonyapenang: yep, flats are always gooood! :)


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