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Thursday, 3 May 2007

the heat is on

jonker street, photo by alison, canon digital a20

just got back from a 3 days trip to melaka. the weather is behaving really odd these days, not that the world didn’t know about. the heat! the intense burning heat made me wanna dig a hole and hide, then we got really heavy rain in the middle of the night!? yet again, reading the newspaper the next day that a “mini twister” hit another part of melaka town!

by the time I got back home in subang, i have a throbbing head ache and a sore neck! ouch! feeling awfully tired and listless because of the heat.

scientists are saying the ice caps are melting 30 years ahead of prediction.


think i'll go rest now. i can't complain much when mother earth is finding her balance as well. i do my little 'green' part and just find other ways to stay happy! :D


  1. Hi there, It's me for d 1st time ;)

    U r right! We (me, at least) concerned more about d trivial matters in our daily life and often ignore what happened to the mother earth. Right now, have too many mental clutter accumulated throughout the day, couldn't seems to unload and still awake at this hour!

    Have plan to get closer to mother nature this Sat. Any good place around Subang area? The nearest I can think of is Bkt Pertanian, Shah Alam.

    Good night.


  2. kylie: hi there! thanks 4 visiting. we are all interconected, mother earth and us, when she is unwell, we get the effect too.

    yeah, i guess bkt pertanian/bkt cahaya is nearest to subang. frim is about 45 mins drive. bukit gasing in pj is a nice place too. :)

    happy adventure & have fun! :D

  3. Many thanks Alison. I have been visitng your blog regularly but just being a silent reader all this while...enjoy reading it everytime. Keep up the good work ya! Have a nice weekend :)



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