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Saturday, 19 May 2007

one little word


L I T T L e

W Oo :R D

today's affirmation:
I love and accept myself

got this from here. way fun! spell words using flickr photos of letters.
if you are game for more fun, of the artsy stuff, do this one little word challenge! it all started with this beautiful person back in january, read it here.

deep within, i am the artsy type, hence my blog links are mostly creative, beautiful, inspiring and fun people. i love colours, art, photography. they're an inspiration to me. i'm starting to paint again, not regular but trying to squeeze some time here and there. currently my little "studio" is our dining table! :) oh yes, dreaming to have a studio to do all the creative creation mumbo jumbo!

it's just a hobby that i picked up again, good exercise for my right brain as well :)

since the one little word challenge # 1 is 'go', yeah, why not? i'll go for it! doing things i love doing, i'm still on track with my theme for this year, which is fun! also inspired by ali edwards. and yes, i am having fun! amidst the little bumps along the way, i'm doing just fun! :)

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