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Friday, 4 May 2007

stillness speaks - 3

me walking in frim, photto by levin, canon digital a20

another good day, another good week. i thank great spirit for the divinity of everything that is. even though i may be in doubt of certain things in life, i learn again and again to surrender and to trust that all is in divine order. i will be just fine, all my needs will be taken care of and everything will unfold in timely manner. all i have to do is to relax and just bask in the now.


watch an animal, a flower, a tree, and see how it rests in being. it is itself. it has enormous dignity, innocence, and holiness. however, for you to see that, you need to go beyond the mental habit of naming and labeling. the moment you look beyond mental labels, you feel that ineffable dimension of nature that cannot be understood by thought or perceived through the senses. it is a harmony, a sacredness that permeates not only the whole of nature but is also within you.

~ eckhart tolle


  1. Hi Alison
    Thank you for posting these beautiful, uplifting words! Each time I get stressed, I just need to play with Margaret and being in the here and now with this fat cat makes problems seem so menial! That's why we have animals and children..... for pure de-stressing....LOL.

  2. mayakirana: fat cat? ohh... the more to hug with, bestnye! i'd hug and squeezed kiki until that "ennhkk" sound comes out! hahaha, uh huh really good de-stresser :P

  3. Went to FRIM this morning. WOW! I love the place, it's fantastics. What an uplifting experience!!!


  4. kylie: OoOoo... you made it to frim!! yay! uh huh, it's very very refreshing with the greens, did you go on the rover track? a few kilometres of tracking path. try bukit gasing next, it's a littlle more challenging than frim, narrower path and more mosquitos! :)


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