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Friday, 29 June 2007


patrol bikes, [chips!], photo by alison, canon a20

today's affirmation:
I am surrounded with loving, caring people in my life

sister met with an accident yesterday. nothing serious, she's ok, but her car is not. i stayed over at her apartment yesterday just to accompany her, she was in a mini shock. today we spent the day at the police station, the workshop and some quiet healing time.

thankfully all went pretty smooth, which we are grateful for. the third party is a lady who was cooperative. the officers in duty were friendly and the process took lesser time than expected, the sergeant even made jokes to cheer everybody up, eased the tension a little. and it was a breeze in the workshop too, friendly and helpful clerk, supervisors and mechanics attended to us. the supervisor even sent us home after leaving the car at the workshop, now that is what i call service!

though the accident was not pleasant, friendly and kind strangers along the way made great difference to the way we experience the normally viewed as hassle and stressful process.

a good day. ahh... me go rest now.


  1. First of all, thank you for the sweet words left in my bloggy'...:>

    Second, I'm relieved that nothing much more serious transpired. I remember some time last year we were in a similar predicament.

    Third, I think the universe is telling me that kind strangers would be around and that I need not be anxious...This is about the third time I have read about the kindness of strangers...

    Thanks Alison!..waving waving...

  2. just read your comment so I decided to drop by to give you some cyber banana cake! and a cup of peppermint tea!..hee! hee!

  3. lady luxie: *wave wave* yup, kind strangers good for the heart and soul. hehehe.

    yummmmm!! banana cake! OoOoOo... peppermint tea... *smelling* aahhhh.... *sluurrppp* ouch! bluh!blhu! hot hot hot!


  4. Look at us, Alison.. we started off as strangers.. we're now friends.

    Happy weekend!


  5. jemima: ya ya! *nodding* *big smile*
    happy weekend to you too!


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