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Friday, 22 June 2007

silly ah meow

berkat the cat, photo by alison, canon a20, taken 2002

*honh shuu... honh shuu... honh shuu*

part of a silly contest, and simply silly & funny pic to share for smiles :)
berkat, the first stray came to us when we moved in 5 years ago.
yes, i actually made that silly 'house'... together with gene!! we were totally like giggling 8 year olds back then!! that dude totally digg the 'house'!! hehe!


  1. oh this is a great sillycontest entry!!! how sweet that it has a little home that say meow on top of it!!!!

  2. i lurv the idea of a carton-home. but wouldn't berkat use it for a scratching spot? bcoz my catz lurv to scratch boxes.

  3. kelly rae: thanks! :D ah meow - that's what we call that cat sometimes.

    zanas: i can't remember what happen back then, erm... yeah, i think he loved bitting the edges. but i sure remember seeing him sleeping in that 'house' a lot! hehe!

    thanks for dropping by.

  4. aaaaeee...hee! hee!..Kitty there simply adores her home..he! he!

  5. lady luxie: yeah! kitty loves that silly house! for snooze and for play! :)


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