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Wednesday, 4 July 2007


sis's condo's corridor view, photo by alison, canon a20

today's affirmation:
i am a success in all that i do

been busy busy busy out there that i have no time to even pee! since sister is without a car, i have been her personal chauffeur! meeting clients and friends, and wow! we've been presented with some good business opportunities that otherwise would not have been if not for her "accident"! everything is happening so fast.

i have been reading eckhart's book on transcending duality, meaning that there is no good or bad, only neutral (or in other words, only good). so, sister's accident is somehow good because it brought us new venture into new territory of the business world. we're both very excited. hopefully if everything turns out good, cut some deals, wooohoo! we will be very happy sisters! hehe! keeping our fingers crossed.


  1. You're lucky to have a sister..

    I am the only girl..

  2. jemima: big sister = hand me downs :P

  3. Good for you..the cutting deals that is..As for me..the only stuff I'm cutting right now are weeds and more weeds from the neglected backyard of this house...

    Have fun!
    Luxie doo'

  4. hi luxie doo, how's new house? *handing luxie cold lemonade* take five luxie!

  5. i just lurv this pic. it's like a view of the larger world from the peek of a smaller one.

  6. hann: thanks

    zanas: yes, it is. :) i'm sure you have lots in singapore? :)


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