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Monday, 30 July 2007

dinner dress code

tvcm dinner night, photo by gene, canon 350d

when attending dinner functions (attended one last night)... no, i don't wear sexy clothes to die for because...
1. i don't have that curvy figure or silky smooth white skin
2. i can't stand the cold air-con, i can't figure how those skinny girls with little on can stand the cold?!! bbrrr...
3. gene would laugh his head off!!

ya... i am pretty much simple old fashion person who dressed by practicality rather than vying for attention.


  1. you don't need skimpy outfits. you look wonderful already on your own.

  2. You're a pretty lady.
    That smile is enough to turn heads. ;)

  3. zanas: i can't fit into skimpy outfits, so become sour grapes la! hehe! thanks!

    jemima: my mouth,lips,cheeks were pratically frozen and that one was a forced smile. ya... air con so cold! :)

  4. Uuuuuh'..look how pretty young and sweet you are!!..

    It's not really the clothes that make a person pretty. I've seen lots dressed in what resembles sutured pastas on there bodies baring almost all...Faces pasted with flaming lipstick and eyes smoldering in coal..yet devoid of any beauty.

    The best of fashion is the one worn by a good heart.

  5. Hi Alison
    The prettiest outfit is confidence with lots of smiles! I'm a practical person too. I cannot understand how people can be so vain and shiver in the cold when they could just look just as elegant in proper outfits. Ah, maybe our time with short, skimpy outfits are in the past. I used to love wearing miniskirts when I was a teen. I hope to God I still have those legs... if they haven't turned to thunder thighs yet! Haha.

  6. luxie: thank you *curtsey*
    ooo... love your line "The best of fashion is the one worn by a good heart." me hope me pray me have a good heart. :)

    krista: as time catches up on us, thighs and every part will be subject to law of gravity! hehe!


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