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Wednesday, 18 July 2007


malaysia vs. china, photo by gene, canon 350d

iran's goal keeper, photo by gene, canon 350d

gene took lotsa beautiful photos of the matches (afc asian cup 2007), here and here.

i never was a sports fan, but when gene is involve shooting 'em, i'll make a point to watch. learn a thing or two about the game and kinda interesting, watching human behaviour (players, fans and MINE). last weekend while gene was at the scene shooting, i was at home watching the game on tv, my body swayed here and there as if i was avoiding the ball, the players and all. like i was there playing! hahaha! duh!

on another note:
big issue in the national football team. but from my eyes, a lay person, inexperienced critic, know nuts of sports, a woman... giving my two cents... the malaysian team are so small and skinny compared to the chinese, iranians and uzbekistans! they are BIG and tough like the oak trees!! ouch! ;-) then again, does size matter? *shrug*

tonight's game: malaysia vs iran

okie, gotta go for dinner, game starts soon.


  1. Wuuuuheee!!...

    That goal keeper shuuure! hee!..hee!..


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