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Tuesday, 31 July 2007

healing day

me purple flower, photo by alison, canon 350d

taking a day off
to heal.... be still...
going slow....
a time to LOVE myself

and oh boy! i get to play with gene's camera today!!


  1. love the color! love the flower! love it ;p

  2. You know what?..It is such a healing photo. Like a dose of vitamin C. I'm doing something but later I plan to have a bit of quiet time..This picture will be good for meditating.

  3. Alison, you're a good influence when it comes to taking time off to appreciate life.. ;)

  4. miror: uh huh! that's my purple day! :D

    luxie: a dose of au d' nature is always healing, even in me teeny tiny garden! hope you had a good quiet time.

  5. jemima: i live my life for me, i make it a point to have 'me' time whenever i can! :) you have a goodie good week ahead jem! :)


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