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Friday, 20 July 2007

my lovelies

kiki, photo by gene, canon 350d

that time when you have worked so hard, tried every single idea your mind can conceive, but yet... no results. and you feel like pulling every strand of your hair and scream your lungs out, and ask why? why? why?

today is that day for me.

and then you come home to this...
your four legged friends, welcoming you home, tail wagging, ever so faithful following you as you enter the house.
greeted by another, circling at your feet with the purrest purr, and the meowest meow. wanting a belly rub and hugs.

what will i do without them.


  1. been there a zillion times ;( wot's the saying ' begin each day serenely and have faith of the good that may come' . i can only hope. have a blast of a weekend dear ;p

  2. :P we all have our fair share of those days eh? i had a good weekend. hope yours was great too! :)

  3. Haha, yes, despite my grumbles about Margaret I love her dearly. She welcomes us each time we come home with such an endearing look that we can only give in when she mews for Whiskas. By the way, do you feed your cat the Science Diet Plan food? It's supposed to be THE food for cats.

  4. krista: ours meows for friskries, hehe! even when i'm so busy with housework, she'd sit next to her kitty plate and meow non stop till i feed her! sometimes, i just ignore her, just gotta show who's boss you know! :) but, she's so cute with her manja meow! new info for me on the science diet plan, will try for the next round, see if we can fatten the cat up! muahahaha!

  5. The kitty looks like an angel!!...How were you able to make it pose like that I wonder hee! hee!

  6. luxie: gene took that, timing! you know how animals are, all wriggly, so takes patients and timing! :)


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