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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

time to breathe

misty road, photo by alison, canon a20

was back hometown during the weekend
slept 12 hours straight! really needed that one!
had breakfast at mamak, roti canai & milo tarik overlooking misty hill view
rained, cold, fresh air...
simply beautiful!
went for walks with lil' sista
good fun togetherness again
i love my kampung

am back in the city
busy again...


  1. hello!!!..This iz' Luxie...I just had my wireless connection done today and you are the very first bloggy' dearie I'm saying hi to!!...Yeehah..hee! hee!' so excited to be connected...

    And this place you went to is a lot similar to where I had my memorable breakfast...sooo coool!!

  2. hello luxie! *wavewave*
    yeehaa! whooopeedooo! welcome "home" to bloggyland!

    similar oh? *goosebumps* awesome!
    juz that i went totally in my jammies and flip flops and nobody seems to mind, hehe! :P

  3. Luckily you wrote "misty".. I would have mistaken it for haze. :p

  4. jemima: Oooo... me kampung no haze :P

  5. just for sharing...roti canai is better known as 'roti prata' here in spore.

  6. Wish you could drop by with those baby plants ov' yours..I cant believe how outrageously expensive plants have become here...I went to a garden and almost fainted when I started canvassing for the simplest of ferns!...Right now the skies over here are very dark..looks like mighty rain..thank goodness coz' we haven't been getting any for a long on watering the plants too!..

    Have a happy weekie end!

  7. i dun hv kampung ;( so sad.
    m off to china in a bit..want anythin from there dear alison?

  8. zanas: *nodding* uh huh! yumyum! me love roti prata! and tosai, and iddli, and capati... yummm! :D
    but for tomorrow, me and husband gonna head for curry noddle!

    lady luxie: yeah! plants here are expensive too, and i can't believe that they even sell rocks!! rocks??!!

    we've been having lotsa rain here too, it's a good thing, just that darn mozzies that irritates us!

    mirror me: uh? no kampung? you can come to my kampung :) my parents love guests, wat's that my dad's fav line..ermm "comela to melaka and i'll be your tour guide". and i'll like roll eyes! haha! so shy!
    oOoOo.. china! have fun fun fun! nuthin for me, you just enjoy yourself, have a good "mirror me" time!


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