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Wednesday, 8 August 2007


angel-heart, by alison

today's affirmation:
i respect my abilities and always work to my full potential

pensive mood
i have this little quote on my work area that says "find your bliss and serve others"
going deep within
seeking my passion
deciding my path
asking for clarity

having faith
all will unfold
in divine order, divine timing
all is good

so be it


  1. Cute quaint artwork there!! :>

    "Find your bliss and serve others..."

    What a very insightful thought. I must find my bliss....the main bliss...Sometimes there seem to be quite a few...hee! hee!

    Here's wishing for a charming day for you!

    ps: It's stormy weather here...would you like to share a cybie warm cup of pure cocoa..with marshmallows?..:>

  2. luxie: thanks! stormy weather + warm cocoa and mashmallows IS bliss! hehe!
    *smellin' me cyber cocoa...* ahhh.... thanks you me friend.

  3. I think sometimes our true bliss--our calling-- changes from day to day. Perhaps today I am best served by serving others; or perhaps I need to take some time for recharge, do nothing. Again, it's letting things unfold as they reveal themselves and not pushing/controlling...which can be so hard to resist!


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