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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

fun... to be continued

yummy! photo by alison, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i am creative and loving my work

wow! it's nearly end of the year already?! the earth is really spinning fast or errm... time is really collapsing! when the year started, i gave myself a theme, that 2007 will be a FUN year for me. and i'm proud of myself that i am able to uphold me spirit thus far, looking at things in a different perspective, not taking myself or my work too seriously! though there were times that really challenged me to think the unthinkable, tears in between, somehow i manage to wade it through... phew! grateful! grateful! grateful!

trying my best to be creative in my work these days so that i don't get pulled to the 'dark side'. must stay focus... FUN! FUN! FUN! yeeehaaa!

gene's 7 year old niece is here, so yeah... gonna have more fun tonight yes sirree! :D


  1. Good for you for making a year of fun as priority. Maybe I should try that for next year. Seven years olds can certainly brighten any day!

  2. I just love coming over to your blog, the photo's and affirmations makes my day. Yummee, but did you know doughnuts is the one sweet I don't like, that is the ones here in Aust. I tell myself I can taste the butter or oil they cooked it in, my hubby disagree of course and so does the kids LOL.

    Happy day!

  3. YUMMY!!!!! i'm droooliiinnggggg girl..

  4. The National Heart Foundation will have a word with you! I can feel myself putting on weight just looking at the photo.

  5. dUNKIN dONUTS. My home away from home. You are having fun and you are providing enjoyment for all of us.

    Thank You

  6. ah'..that's great! I haven't had fun for quite some time...must do something about that!

  7. forgot to tell you that I gave you a creative blogger award!!

    come pick up from my side bar! :>

  8. sandy: watched harry potter, ate loads of ice cream...hahaha! yep, good reason to indulge when you're with 7 year olds! :D

    hann: thanks. my blog has certainly evolved over time. lol, lucky habbu and kids, they can have your share!

    mirror: yumm yumm... *waving donut* come and get it... :)

    lee: *gasp* uhh... uhh... *hands up* i ate one... just one piece.
    "I can feel myself putting on weight just looking at the photo." hahaha! you had me laughing out loud!

    dave: fun is for all! :)

    luxie: me? award? Ooo... thank you thank you... me go check.

  9. It's can be an effort to stay fresh and creative amdist the daily grind, isn't it? Glad you had fun w/ your really are the best reminders about having fun and hope for the future!

  10. work and commitments have made us forgotten about having fun. thanx for the reminder. and i must agree that your affirmations do perk up my day.

  11. amber: yeah, gotta redefine "work", set my priority right. fun is to be tops in the list yes? :)

    zanas: i need lotsa reminder!! i do get carried away sometimes and the results are usually ughh and yucky!
    OoOo... me so glad that me little posts add a little sunshine in your your heart. :)

  12. All over the news here today...Dunkin Donuts is to be almost entirely trans-fat-free by the year's end. So enjoy while you can! ;-)


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