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Monday, 6 August 2007

gentle nudge...

yellow, photo by alison, canon 350d

a gentle reminder for me...

in the infinity of life where i am,
all is perfect, whole, and complete.
i see any resistance patterns within me
only as something else to release.
they have no power over me. i am the power in my world.
i flow with the changes taking place in my life as best i can.
i approve of myself and the way i am changing.
i am doing the best i can. each day gets easier.
i rejoice that i am in the rhythm and flow
of my ever-changing life.
today is a wonderful day.
i choose to make it so.
all is well in my world.
~ Louise L. Hay ~


  1. it rhymes sooo beautifully, its gonna play in my head for a while now. Nice one alison ;p

  2. miror: yep, nice one from louise hay! hehe! it is for me today as i had a toughie day today! ;P

  3. alison, thanks for the link. I love this blog too. You brighten my day!

  4. Very nice daily reminder! Those dang resistance patterns are nasty little buggers at times, aren't they? :-)

  5. I guess a lot of what is in the world can be found inside of us. And so rightly said...

    It's stormy my world...leaves swaying..rain pouring..

    but hearing the patter of water..can be soothing as well...

    Hope you had a better day today:>

  6. sandy: you're welcome! thanks for hopping by :)

    amber: uh huh, can't fight 'em with anger, so i'm givin' some lovin' ;)

    luxie: *nodding* always have to look within, being patient with self is needed too. yes, better today, thanks! :)


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