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Monday, 27 August 2007

girl... you make my day!

me, priya and duchess the pup, photo by gene, canon 350d

today's affirmation:
i love my family and my family loves me

priya: "aunty... you look nice today-lah!"

when adults give compliment, you know that sometimes they are being nice.
when kids say it, you know they are being honest.


  1. aunty, u look nice la 2day...n m not jus being nice. U do dear ;p

  2. Your word are oh so true. If we can be more child like our lives would be filled with more joy.

    Thank You

  3. That's a lovely photo.. which says it all.

  4. mirror: thank you ma'am.

    dave: agree with you there dave, if only we not forget to be child like... there'll be more tiny rainbows and smiley suns around! :)

    sandy: *nodding*

    jemima: thanks jem, gene took lotsa photos of the pup too, coming soon in me post. :)

  5. Yes! Children are brutally honest! No filters. No preconceptions. And in this case, your niece is also are gorgeous!

  6. eh'wow!...was thinking...we both posted about the same thought...a also got a bit of a compliment from a .."teenager'..!..hee! hee!

    Lovely sweet thought and the photo is striking real...

    The dowgie is adorable!..Pet pet to that dog! :>

  7. amber: yeah... 'brutally honest'! that can sometimes be embarassing yet funny at the same time! :P erm... those stories will have to be kept secret! hehe! thank you for the compliment *curtsey*

    luxie: oOo... tuning in to the same frequency are we? hehe! i like the photo too. doggie is soooo cute!

  8. What a wonderful compliment from your niece...and she's right!

  9. Soooo...what's happening?..Hey I came across a photo assignment site called'...called...snoooks I forgot what its called!..waaaaaa!!!!..I'll be back...dwats to meeh *&^%

  10. marion: thanks *blush*

    luxie: internet's going bonkers here! so the silent... gotta be quick before i get cut off again.

    zanas: thanks zanas! *cutsey*


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